Get the healthcare you need, when you need it

The Amaze Difference

CompuCycle has arranged for a telemedicine service to make itself available to all of our employees and partners during the COVID-19 crisis. The service is normally available for $24.99 per month which provides unlimited telemedicine service for the entire immediate family. Amaze has agreed to provide its services at no charge for the first month. And you can cancel your subscription anytime, even if you use the service. CompuCycle would like to encourage everyone to sign up and to create profiles for each family member to ensure that if you need medical help, you have options. Today, many urgent cares are closed, hospital emergency rooms are busy with COVID-19 patients, and many doctor’s offices are not seeing patients. Ensuring you and your family have a partner who is ready to help you with care and in making decisions is very important.

To receive  the first month free, sign up with the Referral Code : TF96304CC (see below)

* No one likes a service that makes it easy to sign up but hard to cancel. While we don’t think you will ever cancel your service, we make it as easy as can be. If you purchase through the Apple or Android stores, you can cancel anytime through your app. If you purchase Amaze online, you can simply send an email to We’ll take care of canceling your service. We’ll even refund anything you’ve paid that month. No 30-day notice is required. We won’t ask you why. We’ll just do it.