5 Ways to Maintain a Positive Outlook Even in Challenging Times

Although it may be difficult to keep your spirits up through challenging times, there are ways to not only find moments of peace in everyday life but also enjoy a positive outlook overall.

1. Be present.

A great way to do this is to engage your senses. Stop and notice what is around you – the smells, sounds, and sights, even if they are familiar. Touch things in your surroundings and notice how they feel. If you are eating, take a moment and really notice the flavors in your mouth. Being present allows you to experience moments of gratitude and pleasure in your everyday life.

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2. Take care of your body.

This advice extends to your lifestyle, too. By keeping a clean house with few toxins and allergens, feeding yourself a clean diet, and avoiding habits like smoking and over-drinking, you’ll feel better and have a stronger physical body.

In turn, you’ll have less inflammation and chronic pain, and you’ll bounce back more quickly from illness and injury.

3. Build community.

Having a sense of community and life purpose are the most important contributors to enjoying a long and healthy life.

Whether you have a hobby (like reading, crafting, or playing a musical instrument) that you enjoy in a small group, or community built around a common interest (like a sport, religion, activity, or shared passion), having a sense of purpose results in peace and joy in everyday life.

4. Be curious.

For most people, the healthcare system can be a confusing maze. Staying curious about how to navigate this maze is important for your health and your wallet. Within your Amaze account, you’ll find resources such as a symptom checker, extensive video library, and private ad-free search engine, so you can investigate your symptoms on your own and connect with us when you are ready.

With knowledge about how the system works along with guidance and support, you’ll feel empowered to seek out and find the best care for yourself and your family.

5. Ask for help.

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