About the Name

We call ourselves Amaze, as in the healthcare system is “a maze.”

You see, over the past several decades, a broken system of laws and regulations has enabled the principal actors in America’s bizarre three-party healthcare system to take advantage of extreme market inefficiencies, making it nearly impossible for patients to navigate the maze.

These inefficiencies result from unequal access to information and the wrestling of decision-making control from employers and their employees.

While our government has tried in vain to change the trajectory of healthcare spending, a more strategic and focused healthcare industry has thwarted every attempt.

At the same time, employers have attempted futile efforts to encourage workers to shop around for medical services and to live healthier lives in hopes of driving down costs. Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy.

As it turns out, the only solution actually supported by research has been ignored. We don’t need a better system engineered by employers, governments, or the healthcare industry.

We need a system borne of better patients–patients who are knowledgeable, skilled, and self-confident enough to manage their own care and to demand the change they deserve.